Wednesday scent of the day 1/20

A soldier has spent years in a distant land. The mission was so dangerous that orders prohibited the platoon from messages home, lest the soldier’s indentities and location be gleaned by the enemy

The soldier has now returned to the door where lived the true love not seen in years. But the door is locked. Knocks do not summon anyone to the door. The shades are drawn. The soldIer sinks to the concrete steps, and breathes deeply but can not forestall the worst thoughts:. There is a plague upon the land; has the true love been stricken?
A vibration stirs within the soldier’s breast. The soldier checks her phone; A message: But not from the true love; a merchant is offering returning veterens a 5% discount.
Still, the soldier’s senses returns. She can again use her phone. She sends a missive to the true love:
“My darling where RU? I have crossed clouds and seas, and the damned rush hour tie up by exit 17 to get to you.”
The true love texts back. “Silly Girl. Y would I b at house? NosEy Roomie still around. Waiting, where first we met.”
The soldier runs into the woods behind the house. Her love on a mossed stained rock.
The soldier breathlessly pants: “Even when standing watch in the dark of night, even in the midst of battle, you have been the air I have breathed. I bring you rare incenses to show that I have always been graced by the mystery of our love.”

The lover sighs, “Just shut up and kiss me.”

Reader, she married him. And then became a best selling romance writer. And they bought their own home and lived happily ever after.

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