Vince Camuto Illuminare Intensa ~ new perfume

Vince Camuto has launched Illuminare Intensa, a new flanker to 2019’s Illuminare.

Captivating and richly feminine, Illuminare intensa takes an unexpected turn from the original scent. This voluptuous fragrance beautifully exposes its hidden elegance through a sensual blend of dark, juicy fruits and mysterious spices. Velvety sensations of Plum blossom, black current [sic], and midnight orchid seduce the senses while sandalwood and creamy musk wrap themselves up in the comforts of smooth vanilla.

Additional notes include lemon, damson plum accord, pink pepper, black currant, rose, orris and amber.

Vince Camuto Illuminare Intensa is available now at Dillards, $98 for 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

(via dillards)

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