Tuesday scent of the day 1/26

Hello, folks!

Hope you’re feeling better soon, Robin, and that you were able to get some rest!

I think that would be the definition of an “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” teapot. LOL! I have enjoyed looking at some of the floral-patterned teapot pictures you put up sometimes, and some of the interesting earthenware or patterned porcelain ones.

I’m looking for a simple teakettle that doesn’t whistle. I can hear if the water is boiling, and whistling sounds like that bother me. Something in the $20 to $25 range is about my speed. lol! If the crowd here comes up with ideas, let me know. :) Thanks!

Yesterday Mom and I headed out west to the super-Walmart in Parkesburg. I’m sure irisjasmine knows where that is. :) It was a very productive trip. That Walmart has lots of items our smaller local Walmart doesn’t have. Plus we stopped at Arby’s to pick up a late lunch. That’s the kind of thing that’s exciting to Mom and me, especially when I pointed out that they had reubens on the menu.

Of course I was exhausted when we got home, and I’d done bad, bad things to my back with various lifting and carrying that day and the day before. Advil and a long nap helped. And I put on Nicolai Fig-Tea, which I find soothing. I had no idea this was Mugler week. I have assorted samples around.

I’m still not with the community project program today, either. But I got my box of items from LUSH today, and had a good time experimenting. I liked the fragrances of the things I got, so that’s good. :) I washed my hair with “Fairly Traded Honey” shampoo, and used “Honey I Washed the Kids” shower gel. I thought both were quite nice. Also, my hair is very nice and soft.

I got “Ro’s Argan Naked Body Conditioner.” When I looked at it, I realized that “Naked” meant that it wasn’t in a pot, just in plastic wrap. I found a “Don’t Forget Cake!” plastic jar that I had washed out and kept with the idea of putting stuff in it sometime. (lol!) The conditioner fit well in that jar. I got a small amount of “Charity Pot Naked Body Lotion,” but that will probably be okay just in its plastic wrap. If not, I have lots of small containers.

I got the solid perfumes “American Cream” and “1000 Kisses Deep.” The one I’m trying right now is “American Cream.” I like it quite a lot. I haven’t tried putting the other on my wrists yet, but it smells nice in its little jar. For some reason I keep going for the fragrances I think will be soothing. Go figure. :)

Have a good evening! :)

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