Thursday scent of the day 1/28

I honestly did not realize those were glasses until I read the description.

No perfume, but I’ve brought my little IKEA/Ben Gorham Tobacco & Honey candle into the study with me. We burned it for ~30 min or so yesterday, and it’s been scenting up a storm ever since! Anyway, when I do put on perfume, it’ll be something that plays nice with this candle.

I mentioned on here recently that, to my horror, I didn’t have a travel spray of Iris Ukiyoe (I loooove the Hermessence travel sprays, and have nearly all of the ones that came out through 2017ish). Then, yesterday, someone said that Osmanthe Yunnan was no longer available in travel spray, so I pootled over to the Hermes site this morning and discovered that…they aren’t doing IU in travel spray format anymore either!!!!!!!! I’m hoping this is merely temporary. I will be so sad if I have missed my chance to get a IU travel spray. My beautiful row of other Hermessence travel sprays will be sad, too.

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