Monday scent of the day 1/4

Wearing Tauer Phi Une Rose de Kandahar.

Finally the sun is out! 🌞
I am back to work and ready to face another heavy, busy week.

Every year, I visit the nursing home where my father spent his last days in hospice care. Unfortunately, due to Covid I was not able to do it last year. I always brought goodies to the nurses and personal care stuff for some of the residents. I found out this weekend that Mrs. Davis, a resident who stopped by my father’s room several times a day to give him some company passed away 3 weeks ago from Covid. Very, very sad news for me, although not surprised considering the current situation. She was a very sweet lady, who loved to wear perfumes and used to enjoy and share the samples, decants and full bottle that I brought to her every Christmas. I will miss her deeply. Last night I decided to make a donation on her name to the nursing home and add to that amount the price of all the perfume purchases that I made last year, plus the value of all freebies and gifts received from fellow perfumistas last year. I don’t know when I will be able to go there again, but I hope that wherever she is now she is glad that in a different way I am sharing our love for perfume with the people who took care of her and her resident friends. And as she always said, I hope she brought with her to Heaven all her perfumes to smell divine in eternity! 🌹

Happy Monday, everyone! 

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